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More on the Health Benefits of Indoor Plants

What kind of health issues are we talking about here? One of the big ways a plant is good for you is by cleaning up the air in your home.

Plants take in all sorts of contaminants and toxins in the air, and neutralize them. And yes, your house is probably loaded with chemical traces that end up in the air from cleaning products, adhesives, upholstery, carpeting, manufactured wood products and various household solvents.

Formaldehyde, benzene, toluene and even carbon monoxide are the biggest culprits in any typical house.

You may not realize they are in your air either, since they are odorless in small amounts. But your body notices, and you can suffer from eye or nose irritation, headaches, difficulty sleeping, and a worsening of asthma symptoms.

So, any means to get rid of these toxins is a good idea. Thriving houseplants also add fresh oxygen to your indoor air, which can be important these days when windows are often kept closed to either conserve heat or to keep air-conditioned air inside.

And that’s not all. Many houseplants are helpful because their scents are really good at repelling insects like spiders or mosquitoes. Keep a few choice plants near the doors of your home, and those annoying pests won’t be as likely to get inside your house.


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