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Planting trees along the road sides, highways and pathway is known as avenue plantation.Avenue plantation is generally practiced for the aesthetic value, shade purpose, control of soil erosion and for its economic use of timber, flowers & fruits.

The list of Avenue trees available at Vijaya Phyto Farms and their flowering season is given below

S.NoCommon nameBotanical nameFlowering SeasonUse / purpose

1 .Blackboard Tree (Saptaparni)Alistonia scholaris

Flowers are greenish White, Flowering time : July – Sep.

Grown as an Ornamental plant.

2 .KadambaAnthocephalus cadamba

Flowering appears from June.

It is often planted Aug near houses & on road sides for the purpose of Dense shade.

3 .Umbrella TreeBrassia actinophylla

Flowers are red on terminal spike

Grows well in humid and Warm Climate in both semi shade and full sun. It is a popular pot plant suitable for keeping as an indoor and out door

4 .Bottle brushCallistemon lanceolatus

Flowers periodically through out the year except temperature goes 10 degrees Celsius, flowers appear on cylindrical spikes at the tip of the twigs among leaves resembling as bottle brush

It is grown for its gracefully drooping branches with bright red flowers is a beautiful sight. Can be planted at the background of the Shrubby and around the boarder of tanks & pools

5 .Golden Bottle BrushMelaleuca bracteata

A charming small tree, growing up to 15 m high.The branches are slender, hanging down , the leaves are initially golden, and turn green with time.. Flowers are small creamy, tiny bottle-brushes , appearing in spring

can be used as a colour contrasted screening shrub, windbreaks or as a feature specimen in gardens and parklands. Attracts insects and bees. . An essential oil obtained from the leaves is germicidal and is used in insecticides to increase their potency.

6 .Geiger TreeCordia sebestena

Flowers round the year but profusely during Jan – March. Flowers are orange in colour

It is an evergreen tree or large Shrub reaches approximately at a ht. of 5-8mt.generally planted at the back of shrubby or in grounds

7 .Indian rosewoodDalbergia sissoo

Yellowish White sessile flowers & Slightly scented flowers in spring or early summer

Deciduous tree leaves fall in winter new leaves appear in February. It is a timber tree & planted along large roads, National Highways, Large parks

8 .Gul mohur ( Flame Tree)Delonix regia

Orange- Scarlet flowers appear April & Continues up to July

Can be planted road side & avenues, leaf less in spring

9 .Mangrove Trumpet TreeDolichandrone spathacea

Flowering occurs from March to May

It can planted as avenue tree for its graceful appearance

10 .BanyanFicus bengalensis

Flowers during May – June

It can be planted in large Gardens, parks and along wide roads for the purpose of dense Shade

11 .PeepalFicus religiosa

A large, fast growing deciduous medium size tree with heart shaped leaves, has a large crown with wonderful wide spreading branches. It shed its leaves in the month of March and April. Its fruit is purple in colour look like the berries and ripen in the month of May.

It is a good shade Tree for planting along the highways and in the large court yards of big buildings for Shade .It is one of the longest living trees.

12.Tree fernFilicium decipiens

Fern leaf tree is a tropical, evergreen shade tree with fern like leaves. The tree symmetry is natural, and requires virtually no trimming to maintain.

This is a slow growing ever green hand some tree of compact growth , It can be planted in protected plants and along small avenues in parts

13 .Silver OakGrevilea robusta

Flowers are orange in color during March to April

The tree is beautiful with its foliage rather than flowering can be planted along road sides

14 .Queen’s Crape Myrtle (Pride of India)Lagerstroemia speciosa

Flowers profusely during summer months

Can be grown as a dwarf tree or Shrub

15 .Rusty shield bearerPeltophorum ferrugenium

Flowers properly from June to August flowers are yellow in color

It is a good shade tree planted along the road sides

16. Mast tree(Ashok)Polyalthia longifolia

17. Indian Beech (Karanj, Kanuga)Pongamia glabra

Flowers are rose or lilac, flowers in early spring

Suitable for planting along the banks of land and in large gardens

18 .Rain TreeSamania saman

It flowers from April to October

It is deciduous tree of great spread, suitable for wide roads

19 .True Ashok (Seetha Ashok)Saraka indica

Flowers are orange red flowers from March to May

It is handsome and evergreen tree, it needs shelter from day winds. Suitable for planting in all gardens, parks & temples

20 .Bullet wood Tree (Bakul, Pogada)Mimusops elengi

Flowers starts in spring and continues sporadically through out warm season. Flowers are half white & Fragrant

It is a hand some tree & planted for its pleasant Shade

21 .Rosy trumpet tree, Pink tecoma treeTabebuia rosea

Flowers are pale pink

It is a beautiful flowering tree. It is a popular tree in small and large gardens and in public places

22 .Pink trumpet treeTabebuia avellandae

Profuse flowering during winter flowers are reddish mauve

It is generally planted in private gardens, parks and other locations for beautification

23 .Tropical almond, Country BadamTerminalia catappa

A large tropical tree It grows to 35 metres tall, with an upright, symmetrical crown and horizontal branches are distinctively arranged in tiers. The leaves are large, long, broad, ovoid, glossy dark green and leathery.

It is widely grown in tropical regions of the world as an ornamental tree, grown for the deep shade its large leaves provide. The fruit is edible, tasting slightly acidic.

24 .Peacock flower (Guletura),Ceasalpinia pulcherrima

A large irregular flowering shrub which can be trained to become a small tree. It remains an evergreen in warmer areas. It bears informal raceme of flowers which are red, orange and yellow with long red stamens on branch terminals. during March - September.

It is a striking ornamental plant, widely grown in domestic and public gardens and has a beautiful inflorescence in yellow, red and orange. Its small size and the fact that it tolerates pruning well allows it to be planted in groups to form a hedgerow; it can be also used to attract hummingbirds

25 .MahoganySwietenia mahagoni

Indian Mahogany grow up to the height of 30 -40 feet. It is fast upright growing tree with abroad rounded symmetrical crown. It is 20 -30 feet in spread

Its wood is used in making furniture, fixtures, musical instruments, inlay, boat, caskets and many more. Its wood is a very popular material for drum making.

26 .Ball badminton treeParkia biglandulosa

A tall handsome tree, native of W. Africa. In the winter season December-January 1½ - 2 ft branches, hanging from the leaf axil, bear rust coloured bead-like flower heads, which gradually gain size of a tennis ball - and the "flowers" bloom to spectacular white electric bulbs! The flowers in round white heads are prominent, hence the native name 'Chendul' , or ball.

It is an avenue tree

27 .Kanaka champa, Matsa kanda, Karnikara. Bayur treePterospermum acerifolium

Kanak Champa is a tree of Indian origin, which reaches a height of 50-70 ft. Leaves are simple, alternate, have stipules and are palmately ribbed. It has large fragrant nocturnal white flowers, occuring in axillary fascicles.

It yields a reddish wood used for planking; often grown as an ornamental or shade tree. Mostly planted as an ornamental or shade tree, the leaves, flowers, and wood of a Bayur Tree can serve a variety functions.


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